The AA1000 series of standards

AccountAbility is a global, not-for-profit organisation that developed and updates the AA1000 series. For more information about AccountAbility click here.

AccountAbility’s AA1000 series are principles-based standards for helping organisations become more accountable, responsible and sustainable. They are for use by any type of organisation from multinational businesses, to SMEs, governments and civil society organisations. Accountability’s standards are developed through multi-stakeholder consultation processes which ensures they are written for those they impact, not just those who may gain from them. (from the Accountability website).


The AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard outlines the principles underpinning stakeholder engagement and clarify the roles of the assurance provider and organisation.




The AA1000 Assurance Standard outlines the process for external evaluation of an organisation’s stakeholder engagement.




The AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard provides systematic stakeholder engagement processes for better communication and greater learning and innovation.

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