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This website is still relatively new. I have to figure out how to add a shopping cart. Some services are available and products will be available soon. Here is the range on offer.

The sustainability win-win

Consultancy services are available in New Zealand and through international associates. We will help move you beyond the viewing sustainability as risk avoidance or a nice thing to do Рand help you place it at the heart of your strategy. Contact us for more information.

Stakeholder engagement services

We can help you with the process of establishing or simplifying your stakeholder engagement processes. Integral in our design is the support of broader business capability and positioning sustainability as a strategic advantage. more>>

Sustainability - online learning and development

We can provide generic, or tailored online or blended learning in sustainability, stakeholder engagement, and support processes to best equip your staff to achieve your sustainability aspirations.

Here are a suite of online or blended courses to support your, and your organisations capability for engagement. For more detail or access to view the courses, send us an email – see the message box in the right hand column of this page (remember to include your email address).

These course all use discussion forums for assessment. This engages the learners in a social learning space and enables them to learn from each other.

For more information about online and flexible learning see below.

Stakeholder Engagement Essentials

This course provides an overview of sustainability and stakeholder engagement, setting the scene to position stakeholder engagement as a source of innovation, enhanced reputation, and better internal processes. Participants also get to use some core stakeholder engagement processes and engage in discussions that will explore possibilities for enhancing your engagement.

Building Capability: Leadership

¬† Although the concept of leadership is older than concepts of business, there is plenty of evidence that many don’t lead well. We have to clear our way through the clutter of leadership theory and discard some of the less helpful ideas. This course provides clear and pragmatic tools to help leadership development.

Building Capability: Organisational Learning

David Garvin of Harvard Business tells us “The rate at which organisations and individuals learn may well become the only sustainable competitive advantage”. This course will shift organisational learning from theory into action and equip you with the understanding and tools needed to foster learning and innovation.

Building Capability: Communication

This course enhances your knowledge and skills in communication, especially in a stakeholder context. You are encouraged to conceptualise communication as foundational to your success beginning with intrapersonal communication, radiating out to internal and ultimately external stakeholders.

Building Capability: Change and Adaptive Capacity

Your adaptive capacity determines how you deal with the challenges and opportunities that change presents. This course builds your, and your organisation’s capacity for change. We will use the “envision, engage, enact” model to support change processes. You will also evaluate ways to build the adaptive capacity of individuals and their organisations.

Contact us to view current course offerings.

Local products

Buying local (Northland and New Zealand) reduces transportation and supports local economies. First products coming soon.

Sustainability resources

Coming soon – the revised ebook edition of “Better Business for a Better World”. More products to follow.


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