Sustainability is all about developing ways of living that will ensure a good life for all of the peoples of the world, and generations to come.

There are three dimensions of sustainability to consider:

  • environmental – develop renewable technologies that don’t squander the earth’s resources, reverse the polluting of soil, water and air, and  slow the acceleration of extinction of species and despoiling their habitats
  • social  - develop social systems that honours the dignity of all people – and provide human needs including sustenance, security, shelter, healthcare and education
  • economic – develop economic systems that deliver prosperity and environmental and social sustainability.

These are lofty aspirations, but they are obtainable if we have the vision and will.

A multitude of books and websites have detailed the problems we face, and find some detail in the blog on this website – so rather than repeat that these pages provide a brief history of sustainability, outline “sustainability 2.0” and provide a video gallery of great sustainability videos.


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