About online learning

Online, or flexible learning, supports your journey to better stakeholder engagement and sustainability. In line with the philosophy of this website, we offer courses in sustainability, stakeholder engagement and supplementary courses to improve organisational capability, including leadership, learning, communication and change.

Online or flexible learning offer significant benefits:

  • for compliance training, online learning offers easily replicable training that is automatically tracked and can be automatically assessed
  • your staff can either complete their training at home, or fit it around workflows
  • online discussions are a safe place for sharing ideas and developing thinking
  • online learning offers a range of options to enable you to reduce learning and development costs.

Your learning and development options

Online or flexible learning can be delivered in many ways. Courses can be offered on a continuum from completely online to face to face (with online support).

Feedback about our blended and online learning

“I have had the most amazing year doing Moodles till they come out my ears for our department. I don’t know whether you have heard but our department is considered one of the leading lights of Unitec in terms of our Moodle rollout in 2010 (a year ahead of the crowd), and that’s in no small way due to your help getting us started…Thanks again for your inspiration…” (Dr Steve Chambers)

I have found the forums to be a truly amazing learning experience. It is obvious from our tentative early postings to the quality and ease with which you are all writing now that we have all gained in confidence and leadership skills over the Semester. I am going to miss catching up with the thoughts and comments from you all. (B.T.)

The on line forums enabled the opportunity to share my own thoughts but also to learn from and understand the ideas of the other members of the leadership programme. (K.G.)

This paper has been an enriching experience; the course design is effective, the texts very informative and the blended delivery awesome. I learnt as much from my fellow students through the online forums as I did from the texts. What a wise and sincere collection of people. (R.J.)

Since commencing employment as Programme Coordinator for the Online Diploma in Viticulture at NMIT I have worked with Peter to manage the overall development of new courses. To date we have 6 online courses actively running that have been primarily developed by Peter whose role has included both curriculum and content development in Moodle. Peter has had the responsibility to create a range of new online papers and to date has been very successful in creating courses that are both pragmatic and pedagogically sound. Both myself and the institution have found Peter’s experience and knowledge of online learning invaluable. I would commend Peter on his professionalism, practical applied approach and depth of knowledge. (Michael Smythe)

… I do believe that both courses offer some exceptional insight based on their individual topics. I have found them both to be very relevant to my role in the police. … What ever happens I will be recommending your courses to my colleagues, your learning objectives and style of teaching make it a great environment to learn. (R.N.)

The leadership paper for me has been a fantastic experience. I have learnt so much about leaders and their styles. My world view has been expanded and I have learnt a great deal about myself including my strengths and weaknesses. I feel excited when I recognise the learnt info. in situations and am enjoying analysing what is actually going on around me in the workplace. This is not an negative thing, rather leadership and situations that used to not register on a conscious level are now picked up on my “identify and recognise beacon!” The paper is definitely a worthwhile paper for those in Northland wanting to gain a leading edge in what they do. Positive role models, inspirational leaders and people who are not afraid to lead in time that is perhaps uncertain, can only benefit from putting time aside for the Leadership Course. Thanks for opening up the opportunity to North Tec staff. (P.B.)

I enjoyed the paper because it gave lots of possibilities to think about leadership, to question myself, to consult different sources, to get to know leaders past and present. I would have liked to continue because I felt I only really understand and get into at the end. I could imagine to have this as a separate paper over a year because I believe good leadership is rare. The Forums were intense. I often felt I cannot keep up with it but it also kept me on track. We had an interesting group of people together and the comments were just fabulous. The online research was a challenge but with a bit more time and good communication it is absolutely possible. Times change and working together on a project via computer might be more appropriate then driving somewhere and meet (meaning petrol cost and environmental issues). Thanks a lot for trying out the online approach. Otherwise I couldn’t have done it! (H.L.)


  • For more information on the learning and development solutions we offer click here.
  • For more information about online learning see The Business Case for eLearning.
  • For more information on our courses in stakeholder engagement, leadership development, organisational learning, communication and change see below.


It takes smart people to create a smarter planet and to do
so profitably and sustainably. (Rosabeth Moss Kanter)

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