Sustainability: Interpretation of a Gen-Y’er: Sustainability and our tourism

In my prior post I introduced the ‘New Zealand Tourism Strategy,’ which aims at preserving our countries 100% pure, and ‘clean green’, reputation, while transforming our tourism industry into one of sustainability by 2015 to ensure our core tourism product- our environment- is protected for future generations to experience and appreciate. To us Gen-Y’er’s, it also ensures continued midnight bush walks, peeing in the bush on camping trips with friends, and perving on gorgeous tanned (shirtless) male foreigners who are attracted to our country via our wholesome reputation and renowned tourist activities. And, as with all good intentions, come challenges.
One significant challenge is the fact this strategy, and achieving a sustainable tourism industry, cannot be achieved in isolation. Tourism within New Zealand is woven throughout our economy, and is dependent upon many other organisations, therefore must motivate these organisations to employ sustainable methods, as well as work together and support one-another in order to achieve this.
One way this can be achieved is through education. Mentioned within one of my earlier posts I explained how our Government holds sustainability as one of their main priorities. By educating smaller businesses on how they can employ sustainable practices and methods within their business, as well as the positive side effects of becoming a sustainable business will provide them with the knowledge and tools to begin to transform their businesses.
Monetary incentives and government assistance may also assist in motivating these businesses. These may come in the form of financially assisting hospitality based industries and hotels in installing solar panels to reduce energy usage, or subsidising advertising for businesses who exhibit sustainable practices, in order to generate public awareness, while encouraging other businesses to do the same.
As sustainability is becoming a public issue, generated by council and significant group awareness, businesses that employ sustainable methods and adopt sustainable practices not only enhance their morality, but also tend to garner community respect by showing they are willing to change their organisation to care for the environment, and future generations. It exhibits thinking beyond oneself, and ones life, and thinking beyond the box, while doing their part for the future.

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